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Don't you just love that "pumped up" feeling you get after an intense weight training session in the gym?

Well, if you follow bodybuilding supplementation at all then you know that nitric oxide supplements are known to "pump" you up even more...and help you keep your pump long after the day to help you "feel" the results of your hard work!

But did you know that some nitric oxide supplements also help to release muscle-building and fat-burning hormones in your body for fast results?

Yes, it's true that supplements that maximize nitric oxide in the body have many uses, but until now...

Nitric Oxide (NO2) Supplements Have Been
Too Expensive For The Average Bodybuilder!

But Not Any More...

Nitric oxide supplements are one of my very favorite additions to my bodybuilding supplement program because not only do they help me see fast results from my training...

...but the amazing "pump" they give me is a powerful motivator to drag myself back to the gym the next day!

But knowing how effective these supplements are, the supplement companies have jacked the price up so high for the average lifter out there that only the "rich" bodybuilders can take advantage of the amazing results nitric oxide supplements can offer!

But I'm About To Change All That By Showing YOU
How To Make Your OWN Nitric Oxide Supplements
That Work Even BETTER Than Expensive "Name Brands"!

It's SIMPLE...it's EASY...and it will save you a TON of money!

Here's a quick example of how much you can save...

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Increase lean muscle growth and size by increasing blood flow and stimulating the release of anabolic ("muscle building") hormones.

Top Selling
Nitric Oxide
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
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You Save Up to $103.34 A MONTH!

How you can make your own nitric oxide NO2 supplements (as well as others) is all detailed in my
Special Supplement Report!

You'll Get 29 "Secret Recipes"
To Gain More Muscle And Burn More Fat!

(Including 5 Special Bonuses Valued At Over $200!)


Make Bodybuilding SupplementsThat's right!

I have 29 RECIPES waiting for you once you sign up for my
"Homemade Supplement Secrets" program!

This is my best-selling program that has the greedy supplement manufacturers trembling with fear that the "Average Joe" consumer will now know EXACTLY what they've been up to all these years...and dig deep into their profits once you learn how to make your own powerful weight gain supplements...

...right in your home!

Why would you pay more money than you have to?


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29 "Secret Supplement Recipes"...

...And 5 Special Bonuses Valued At Over $200!

Here's a quick look at what you'll find in this exclusive expose of the natural bodybuilding and fat loss supplement industry...

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Are you even GETTING the quality supplements you're spending your hard-earned money on?  The shocking truth...and what you must do to make sure you get every penny's worth!

The Truth Awaits You!

Your "Champion For The Average Joe & Jane",

The "Muscle Nerd"
Jeff Anderson


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