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If you've ever purchased a natural growth hormone supplement or testosterone supplement to naturally increase muscle mass then you're obviously committed to gaining muscle, aren't you?

In fact, bodybuilding magazines are pushing these natural muscle gain supplements to the max as "THE" solution for guys struggling to gain weight...and shady "hormone boosting" supplement manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank with YOUR MONEY!

They know that by throwing together some exotic "herbs and spices" in with some popular natural hormone enhancement ingredients, they can charge you a small fortune.

And how's THIS for a "dirty little secret"...

The more expensive the bodybuilding hormone supplement is...the more you'll believe that it's the "Advanced Formula" they promise it to be...and willingly fork over your paycheck!

But Now YOU Can Reap The Rewards Of Using
TRUE Testosterone And Growth Hormone Supplements...
AND Save Up To 98% In The Process!

Here's How To Do It...

Natural testosterone supplements and growth hormone supplements come down to just a few basic factors.

Here's what you must know:

  • Exactly which ingredients WILL help you naturally increase your testosterone and growth hormones for faster muscle growth.
  • How much of the individual ingredients to take.
  • How they must work together to naturally elevate your levels of testosterone and growth hormone; and...
  • How to combine the ingredients in the right amounts to maximize their effectiveness.

This may sound like it takes a "team of advanced hormone research scientists" to figure out, and that's exactly what the supplement manufacturers would like you to believe.

But the truth that is kept closely behind their "boardroom doors" is...

...it really only takes a team of masterful
how to sell YOU a bunch of worthless powder...

...and charge you through the nose for it!

But that all ENDS RIGHT NOW!

While making maximum muscle gains DOES come down to a proper exercise and nutrition program, the fact is that there ARE some supplements that can increase your natural production of testosterone and growth hormone for faster muscle growth.

But there's simply NO NEED for you to pay the giant, wallet-sucking prices the supplement companies are gouging you with!

To give you every detail of how you CAN take advantage of natural hormone-boosting supplements and save a ton of money in the process, I've written a no-nonsense "Make Your Own Supplements" Guide that explains how YOU can make your own formulas.

Here's a quick example of how much you can save...

"Hormone Booster" Supplements

Supplement Goal:  Increase the body's natural hormone release for activation of lean muscle growth, enhanced sex drive, and increased fat-burning.

Top Selling
Hormone Booster
30-Day Supply
Retail Cost...
Make Your
Own For...
You Save...
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You Save Up To $83.79 A MONTH!

How you can make your own testosterone and growth hormone supplements (as well as others) is all detailed in my Special Supplement Report!

You'll Get 29 "Secret Recipes"
To Gain More Muscle And Burn More Fat!

(Including 5 Special Bonuses Valued At Over $200!)


Make Bodybuilding SupplementsThat's right!

I have 29 RECIPES waiting for you once you sign up for my
"Homemade Supplement Secrets" program!

This is my best-selling program that has the greedy supplement manufacturers trembling with fear that the "Average Joe" consumer will now know EXACTLY what they've been up to all these years...and dig deep into their profits once you learn how to make your own powerful weight gain supplements...

...right in your home!

Why would you pay more money than you have to?


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Click Here Now To Access ALL Of Your
29 "Secret Supplement Recipes"...

...And 5 Special Bonuses Valued At Over $200!

Here's a quick look at what you'll find in this exclusive expose of the natural bodybuilding and fat loss supplement industry...

URGENT CONSUMER WARNING:  Are the sports supplements you're taking a complete waste of time?  Discover 3 shocking reasons why 90% should be thrown in the trash!

Money-Grubbing Bloodsuckers!  The ruthless tricks the supplement manufacturers employ to lure YOU into spending up to 98% more money than you deserve!

You can practically hear their sinister laughs echoing from the boardroom of their "evil empire"!

4 Steps You MUST Take NOW to stop wasting your precious paycheck!  This 1-2-3 4 approach will give YOU the power to avoid the scams...and start seeing results!
The Ultimate "Screw You!" Secret...to FINALLY tell the supplement companies what they can do with their overpriced "herbs & spices"...and wrestle back control of your supplement choices to SAVE A TON!
Are you even GETTING the quality supplements you're spending your hard-earned money on?  The shocking truth...and what you must do to make sure you get every penny's worth!

The Truth Awaits You!

Your "Champion For The Average Joe & Jane",

The "Muscle Nerd"
Jeff Anderson


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