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Ok, "Muscle Nerd" wasn't exactly MY doing...but the nickname given to me by my sadistic gym-buddies just kind of stuck...and I guess it kind of fits!

You see, ever since my role during 10 years of active duty service in the U.S. Military as a combat soldier and Master Fitness Trainer, I've been on a never-ending search to discover the very BEST muscle-building and fat loss strategies on the face of the planet.

Sometimes that comes in the way of a recently released research report from a university or medical paper...and sometimes that comes from my very own research and performance trials!

But there's one bottom line "quality standard" I always strive for when it comes to development of ANY training information I release, and it comes down to one thing.

I believe that true "breakthroughs" come from real life EXPERIENCE...without the test tubes and with no electrodes hooked up to your skull!

It's in the real-life results not of the professional athletes who train for a paycheck...but rather the "Average Joe & Jane" out there who train because they're searching for a better body...and a better LIFE!

I draw my successes from much more than a cool looking graph...

I create programs that use as a measurement tool, the real life results of the men and women who use and train with the information I've uncovered in my studies, research, experiments, and personal discoveries.

Yes, I may be known all around the globe as the "Muscle Nerd"...and it may fit...but I'm even MORE proud of my reputation as "Champion For The Average Joe & Jane" !

The "Muscle Nerd"
Jeff Anderson


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